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Readercon 2010

Yours truly got invited to participate in Readercon 2010.  It’s happening July 8-11 in Burlington (Massachusetts, not Vermont).

Nalo Hopkinson and Charles Stross are this year’s guests of honor. Two friends will also be there, Jack McDevitt (definitely) and Joan Slonczewski (likely).

I may give a talk, be in a panel or both. If you’re thinking of attending, this may help you decide — one way or the other! If you’re there, come say hello (I include a recent photo for identification purposes).

I’ll send a reminder when the event draws near. By then, I will know what I’ll be doing and when.

5 Responses to “Readercon 2010”

  1. LauraJMixon says:

    OK, it’s envy. Definitely envy! Wish I could be there; wish I could hear your talk. Have a great time.

  2. Athena says:

    I wish you could come, too! It would be wonderful to have a chance to talk in less hectic circumstances. If I give a talk and it’s good enough, I may post it here.

  3. Sue Lange says:

    Athena, I’ve always wanted to have an excuse to go to Readercon. Will go over and see if I can get on programming just so I’ll have an excuse to meet you. And Charles Stross is a GOH. Gosh I’d love to see the two of you in the same room.

  4. Athena says:

    Now I’m looking even more forward to the event!

    As for Stross, we agree wildly on some things and disagree equally wildly on others. What do you think would happen if he and I were in the same room? The contest rules in Beyond Thunderdome come to mind… *laughs*

  5. Matt says:

    I’ll be there! I’ll keep an eye out for you!