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New Words, New Worlds
Artist, Heather Oliver             

Thirty years Together

Unbelievably, this February marks the 30th year in which The once-Copper-and-now-mostly-Silver Yeti and I have been together. It feels like no time at all, because it has been a steady seaswell of companionship, adventure, laughter, stories. Love you, Peter Cassidy. Wherever you are is the world — and home.

Spacetime Geodesics

Long ago,
I became astrogator in the arcships.
I drew flight paths, watched over
the sleeping cargo, listened to the starwind
carrying messages and cosmic background.
Far and wide I roamed under strange skies,
rarely making landfall.
Until a small, faint source grew strong
and constant on my instruments
and, as I swerved to investigate,
it resolved into pulses that whispered —
home, home… home.

— Athena Andreadis, Bullspec Issue 6

6 Responses to “Thirty years Together”

  1. delagar says:


  2. Athena says:

    Thanku! (smile)

  3. intrigued_scribe says:

    Congratulations, and lovely poem!

  4. Athena says:

    Thank you, my dear!

  5. Calvin says:

    Yes, congratulations, very much!

  6. Athena says:

    Thank you, my friend!