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OXI — No

Tassos SunI cannot vote in tomorrow’s referendum in Hellás; the ability to vote remotely has not yet been implemented in my country. But if I were there, I would vote No. I was there for the first three days of the brutal fear campaign unleashed on my people, treated by their supposed allies as if they were occupied subhumans, as if we were back in the days of ’45 — except now they’re using not guns and napalm on us, but fountain pens. This is essentially financial carpet-bombing to remove an elected government and enforce long-discredited punitive policies. I have more to say, much more. For now, this will have to suffice.

Etching by Tassos (Anastásios Alevízos)

A traditional 17th century song from Máni. The last sentence says, “And we learned there’s nothing as good as freedom.”

4 Responses to “OXI — No”

  1. Calvin says:

    Welcome back. I look forward to hearing more about your thoughts and on-the-ground views on this.

  2. Athena says:

    It looks like the vote is ~60% no. It will be very hard in the near future, yet I can’t help but be proud of my people’s defiance.

  3. jose says:

    And Tsipras had to cave. Just like our own Zapatero had to cave in 2010.

  4. Athena says:

    Yes, one lone swallow cannot bring the spring.