Astrogator's Logs

New Words, New Worlds
Artist, Heather Oliver             

Andreadis Poetry and Prose

Sea Gate full


After Hours Stories (1993 to 1995)

To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek (1998)

Dry Rivers (Crossed Genres, 2009)

Planetfall (Crossed Genres, 2009; translated and printed in Nowa Fantastyka, 2013; reprinted in Apex World SF 3, 2014)

Mid-Journey (Stone Telling, 2010)

Though the Moon Be Still as Bright (Cabinet des Fées, 2011)

Mirror Twin (Bull Spec, 2011)

Spacetime Geodesics (Bull Spec, 2011; reprinted in The Moment of Change, 2012)

Night Patrol (Bull Spec, 2012; reprinted in The Moment of Change, 2012)

The Wind Harp (Crossed Genres, 2013)

Wisps of Spider Silk, First Thread (Candlemark & Gleam, 2017)


Photo: abandoned gantry at Heron Island (Peter Cassidy)